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Con Mila Longinova l’arte russa arriva in italia

Mila Longinova

La pittrice Mila Longinova* porta l’arte russa in Italia e così si presenta:

I always knew that I would be an artist. From early childhood. I tried to develop myselves in different ways. I visited not only art school, but also in music. With my mother, we often go to the theater. My dad is an artist, mother is dress designer . Mom wanted me to be in fashion, but I was limited by the fact that the model was about 10 years when I was a studied at the Art Academy and Pedagogical University. Then I opted for the traditional art of painting. I love Italy. It can be said that Italy is my second home, but in my soyl this is the first house. Whatever I doing- I prepare a meal, pick up clothes, drawing – always in my soul Italy. And of course I am always inspired by the art of the Italian Renaissance. I understand that artists of this level will not be any more and I do not trying to copy their work. I’m trying to develop something that is inherent in me. The first thing for me is very important color. I respect and admire over the color and light in nature and pay the greatest attention to the transfer of true color on the canvas. Just inspires me the energy of life vibration. I’m trying to capture everything that is happening around .. I also watched with interest the fact that young artists are doing now. Sometimes it is interesting. But, unfortunately, many neglect the basics of art goes directly to the abstract image. I am a supporter of the academic school. I think you first need to learn the rules of construction, composition. That than carefully engaged artists of the golden age. Modern artists are now more opportunities. They can express themselves in the design, architecture and even bodi- dell’arte, but every artist, I believe, is to open yourself, its purpose to express why he came into this world. I like realistic painting, but I also develop a sense and feel and express it in my intuitive abstract painting, more sensual. Italy multifaceted country. Every part of it is distinguished by its originality, traditions, architecture and nature. Every time visiting new places, I wonder how the differences are obvious. I love to discover new places in Italy and a new confidence. I hope that I’m still able to go to new parts of Italy and discover their true essence, which can be displayed on the canvas

  • Mila Loginova – Russian artist, member of the Russian Artists’ Union and the International Association of Fine Arts of UNESCO. The artist is actively involved in the activities of exhibition, both in Russia and abroad. Her works are in private collections in Russia, Italy, England, France, Monaco, Finland, Canada. All his paintings Mila Loginova creates drawing from nature to capture the fragile, elusive natural beauty and preserve it for posterity.